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Positional Astronomy Centre, Kolkata
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Daily Astronomical Information


Date: 28 November   2022, 7 Agrahayana 1944 Saka Era Monday 

Tithi: (Margasirsa Sukla) Panchami h. 13-36 Nakshatra: Uttar Ashadha h. 10-29 Yoga: Vriddhi h. 18-04 Karana: Balava h. 13-36 then Kaulava h. 24-18 Moon: in Makara Age of Moon: 4.0 Declination of Sun: S 21° 15' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 16-16-23s Equation of time: 12m 09s

Date: 29 November   2022, 8 Agrahayana 1944 Saka Era Tuesday

Tithi: (Margasirsa Sukla) Shashthi h. 11-05 Nakshatra: Sravana h. 8-38 Yoga: Dhruva h. 14-52 Karana: Taitila h. 11-05 then Gara h. 21-59 Moon: in Makara, enters Kumbha h. 19-51 Age of Moon: 5.0 Declination of Sun: S 21° 26' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 16-20-41s Equation of time: 11m 49s

Date: 30 December   2022, 9 Agrahayana 1944 Saka Era, Wednesday

Tithi: (Margasirsa Sukla) Saptami h. 8-59 Nakshatra: Dhanistha h. 7-11 then Satabhisaj h. 30-12 Yoga: Vyaghata h. 12-01 Karana: Vanij h. 8-59 then Vishti h. 20-07 Moon: in Kumbha Age of Moon: 6.0  Declination of Sun: S 21° 36' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 16-24-59s Equation of time: 11m 27s Phase of Moon: First Quarter

Date: 1 December   2022, 10 Agrahayana 1944 Saka Era Thursday

Tithi: (Margasirsa Sukla) Ashtami h. 7-22 then Navami h. 30-15 Nakshatra: Purva Bhadrapada h. 29-44 Yoga: Harshana h. 9-33 Karana: Bava h. 7-22, Balava h. 18-45 then Kaulava h. 30-15 Moon: in Kumbha, enters Mina h. 23-48 Age of Moon:  7.0 Declination of Sun: S 21° 46' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 16-29-17s Equation of time: 11m 05s

Date: 2 December   2022, 11 Agrahayana 1944 Saka Era Friday

Tithi: (Margasirsa Sukla) Dasami h. 29-40 Nakshatra: Uttara Bhadrapada h. 29-45 Yoga: Vajra h. 7-29 Siddhi (Asrik) h. 29-50 Karana: Taitila h. 17-54 then Gara h. 29-40 Moon: in Mina Age of Moon: 8.0 Declination of Sun: S 21° 55' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 16-33-36s Equation of time: 10m 43s

Date: 3 December   2022, 12 Agrahayana 1944 Saka Era Saturday

Tithi: (Margasirsa Sukla) Ekadasi h. 29-35 Nakshatra: Revati h. 30-16 Yoga: Vyatipata h. 28-34 Karana: Vanij h. 17-34 then Vishti h. 29-35 Moon: in Mina, enters Mesha h. 30-16 Age of Moon: 9.0 Declination of Sun: S 22° 04' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 16-37-56s Equation of time: 10m 19s

Date: 4 December   2022, 13 Agrahayana 1944 Saka Era Sunday

Tithi: (Margasirsa Sukla) Dvadasi h. 29-58 Nakshatra: Asvini ahoratra Yoga: Variyan h. 27-40 Karana: Bava h. 17-43 then Balava h. 29-58 Moon: in Mesha Age of Moon: 10.0 Declination of Sun: S 22° 12' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 16-42-17s Equation of time: 9m 56s

Date: 5 December   2022, 14 Agrahayana 1944 Saka Era Monday

Tithi: (Margasirsa Sukla) Trayodasi ahoratra Nakshatra: Asvini h. 7-15 Yoga: Parigha h. 27-07 Karana: Kaulava h. 18-20 Moon: in Mesha Age of Moon: 11.0 Declination of Sun: S 22° 20' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 16-46-38s Equation of time: 9m 31s

Date: 6 December   2022, 15 Agrahayana 1944 Saka Era Tuesday

Tithi: (Margasirsa Sukla) Trayodasi h. 6-48 Nakshatra: Bharani h. 8-38 Yoga: Siva h. 26-52 Karana: Taitila h. 6-48 then Gara h. 19-22 Moon: in Mesha, enters Vrisha h. 15-03 Age of Moon: 12.0 Declination of Sun: S 22° 28' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 16-50-59s Equation of time: 9m 06s

Date: 7 December   2022, 16 Agrahayana 1944 Saka Era, Wednesday

Tithi: (Margasirsa Sukla) Chaturdasi h. 8-02 Nakshatra: Krittika h. 10-25 Yoga: Siddha h. 26-54 Karana: Vanij h. 8-02 then Vishti h. 20-47 Moon: in Vrisha Age of Moon: 13.0 Declination of Sun: S 22° 35' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 16-55-21s Equation of time: 8m 41s