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Positional Astronomy Centre, Kolkata
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Daily Astronomical Information

Date: 23 May 2022, 2 Jyaishtha 1944 Saka EraMonday

Tithi: (Vaisakha Krishna) Ashtami h. 11-35 Nakshatra: Satabhisaj h. 22-22 Yoga: Vaidhriti h. 25-05 Karana: Kaulava h. 11-35 then Taitila h. 23-06 Moon: in Kumbha Age of Moon: 22.2 Declination of Sun: N 20° 32' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 04-00-10s Equation of time: 3m 15s Phase of Moon: Last Quarter.

Date: 24 May 2022, 3 Jyaishtha 1944 Saka EraTuesday

Tithi: (Vaisakha Krishna) Navami h. 10-46 Nakshatra: Purva Bhadrapada h. 22-33 Yoga: Viskumbha h. 23-40 Karana: Gara h. 10-46 then Vanij h. 22-35 Moon: in Kumbha, enters Mina h. 16-27 Age of Moon: 23.2 Declination of Sun: N 20° 43' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 04-04-12s Equation of time: 3m 10s.

Date: 25 May 2022, 4 Jyaishtha 1944 Saka EraWednesday

Tithi: (Vaisakha Krishna) Dasami h. 10-33 Nakshatra: Uttara Bhadrapada h. 23-20 Yoga: Priti h. 22-44 Karana: Vishti h. 10-33 then Bava h. 22-40 Moon: in Mina Age of Moon: 24.2 Declination of Sun: N 20° 54' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 04-08-14s Equation of time: 3m 04s. 

Date: 26 May 2022, 5 Jyaishtha 1944 Saka Era, Thursday

Tithi: (Vaisakha Krishna) Ekadasi h. 10-55 Nakshatra: Revati h. 24-39 Yoga: Ayusman h. 22-14 Karana: Balava h. 10-55 then Kaulava h. 23-18 Moon: in Mina, enters Mesha h. 24-39 Age of Moon: 25.2 Declination of Sun: N 21° 05' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 04-12-17s Equation of time: 2m 58s. 

Date: 27 May 2022, 6 Jyaishtha 1944 Saka Era, Friday

Tithi: (Vaisakha Krishna) Dvadasi h. 11-48 Nakshatra: Asvini h. 26-26 Yoga: Saubhagya h. 22-08 Karana: Taitila h. 11-48 then Gara h. 24-26 Moon: in Mesha Age of Moon: 26.2 Declination of Sun: N 21° 15' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 04-16-21s Equation of time: 2m 51s.

Date: 28 May 2022, 7 Jyaishtha 1944 Saka Era, Saturday

Tithi: (Vaisakha Krishna) Trayodasi h. 13-10 Nakshatra: Bharani h. 28-39 Yoga: Sobhana h. 22-22 Karana: Vanij h. 13-10 then Vishti h. 26-00 Moon: in Mesha Age of Moon: 27.2 Declination of Sun: N 21° 25' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 04-20-25s Equation of time: 2m 44s.

Date: 29 May 2022, 8 Jyaishtha 1944 Saka Era, Sunday

Tithi: (Vaisakha Krishna) Chaturdasi h. 14-56 Nakshatra: Krittika ahoratra Yoga: Atiganda h. 22-53 Karana: Sakuni h. 14-56 then Chatuspada h. 27-56 Moon: in Mesha, enters Vrisha h. 11-16 Age of Moon: 28.2 Declination of Sun: N 21° 35' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 04-24-29s Equation of time: 2m 36s. 

Date: 30 May 2022, 9 Jyaishtha 1944 Saka EraMonday

Tithi: (Vaisakha Krishna) Amavasya h. 17-00 Nakshatra: Krittika h. 7-12 Yoga: Sukarma h. 23-38 Karana: Naga h. 17-00 Moon: in Vrisha Age of Moon: 29.2  Declination of Sun: N 21° 44' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 04-28-34s Equation of time: 2m 28s. Phase of Moon: New Moon.

Date: 31 May 2022, 10 Jyaishtha 1944 Saka EraTuesday

Tithi: (Jyaishtha Sukla) Pratipad h. 19-19 Nakshatra: Rohini h. 10-01 Yoga: Dhriti h. 24-33 Karana: Kinstughna h. 6-08 then Bava h. 19-19 Moon: in Vrisha, enters Mithuna h. 23-30 Age of Moon: 0.5 Declination of Sun: N 21° 53' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 04-32-39s Equation of time: 2m 19s.

Date: 1 June 2022, 11 Jyaishtha 1944 Saka EraWednesday

Tithi: (Jyaishtha Sukla) Dvitiya h. 21-47 Nakshatra: Mrigasiras h. 13-00 Yoga: Sula h. 25-34 Karana: Balava h. 8-33 then Kaulava h. 21-47 Moon: in Mithuna Age of Moon: 1.5 Declination of Sun: N 22° 01' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 04-36-45s Equation of time: 2m 10s.