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Positional Astronomy Centre, Kolkata
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Daily Astronomical Information


Date: 15 April  2024, 26 Chaitra, 1946 Saka Era Monday

Tithi: (Chaitra Sukla) Saptami h. 12-12 Nakshatra: Punarvasu h. 27-06 Yoga: Sukarma h. 23-08 Karana: Vanij h. 12-12 then Vishti h. 24-43 Moon: in Mithuna, enters Karkata h. 20-39 Age of Moon: 6.2  Declination of Sun: N 9° 52' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 01-35-37s Equation of time: 0m 02s

Date: 16 April  2024, 27 Chaitra, 1946 Saka EraTuesday 

Tithi: (Chaitra Sukla) Ashtami h. 13-25 Nakshatra: Pushya h. 29-16 Yoga: Dhriti h. 23-16 Karana: Bava h. 13-25 then Balava h. 26-16 Moon: in Karkata Age of Moon: 7.2 Declination of Sun: N 10° 13' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 01-39-19s Equation of time: 0m 16s

Date: 17 April  2024, 28 Chaitra, 1946 Saka Era Wednesday

Tithi: (Chaitra Sukla) Navami h. 15-15 Nakshatra: Aslesha ahoratra Yoga: Sula h. 23-51 Karana: Kaulava h. 15-15 then Taitila h. 28-21 Moon: in Karkata Age of Moon: 8.2 Declination of Sun: N 10° 34' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 01-43-02s Equation of time: 0m 30s

Date: 18 April  2024, 29 Chaitra 1946 Saka Era, Thursday

Tithi: (Chaitra Sukla) Dasami h. 17-32 Nakshatra: Aslesha h. 7-57 Yoga: Ganda h. 24-43 Karana: Gara h. 17-32 Moon: in Karkata, enters Simha h. 7-57 Age of Moon: 9.2 Declination of Sun: N 10° 55' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 01-46-45s Equation of time: 0m 43s

Date: 19 April  2024, 30 Chaitra, 1946 Saka Era, Friday

Tithi: (Chaitra Sukla) Ekadasi h. 20-05 Nakshatra: Magha h. 10-57 Yoga: Vriddhi h. 25-45 Karana: Vanij h. 6-48 then Vishti h. 20-05 Moon: in Simha Age of Moon: 10.2 Declination of Sun: N 11° 16' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 01-50-29s Equation of time: 0m 56s

Date: 20 April  2024, 31 Chaitra, 1946 Saka Era,  Saturday

Tithi: (Chaitra Sukla) Dvadasi h. 22-42 Nakshatra: Purva Phalguni h. 14-04 Yoga: Dhruva h. 26-47 Karana: Bava h. 9-24 then Balava h. 22-42 Moon: in Simha, enters Kanya h. 20-51 Age of Moon: 11.2 Declination of Sun: N 11° 37' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 01-54-13s Equation of time: 1m 09s

Date: 21 April  2024, 1 Vaisakha, 1946 Saka Era Sunday

Tithi: (Chaitra Sukla) Trayodasi h. 25-12 Nakshatra: Uttara Phalguni h. 17-08 Yoga: Vyaghata h. 27-44 Karana: Kaulava h. 11-59 then Taitila h. 25-12 Moon: in Kanya Age of Moon: 12.2 Declination of Sun: N 11° 57' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 01-57-57s Equation of time: 1m 21s

Date: 22 April  2024, 2 Vaisakha, 1946 Saka Era Monday

Tithi: (Chaitra Sukla) Chaturdasi h. 27-26 Nakshatra: Hasta h. 20-00 Yoga: Harshana h. 28-28 Karana: Gara h. 14-21 then Vanij h. 27-26 Moon: in Kanya Age of Moon: 13.2 Declination of Sun: N 12° 17' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 02-01-42s Equation of time: 1m 33s

Date: 23 April  2024, 3 Vaisakha, 1946 Saka EraTuesday 

Tithi: (Chaitra Sukla) Purnima h. 29-19 Nakshatra: Chitra h. 22-32 Yoga: Vajra h. 28-56 Karana: Vishti h. 16-26 then Bava h. 29-19 Moon: in Kanya, enters Tula h. 9-19 Age of Moon: 14.2  Declination of Sun: N 12° 37' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 02-05-27s Equation of time: 1m 44s

Date: 24 April  2024, 4 Vaisakha, 1946 Saka Era Wednesday

Tithi: (Chaitra Krishna) Pratipad ahoratra Nakshatra: Svati h. 24-41 Yoga: Siddhi (Asrik) h. 29-05 Karana: Balava h. 18-06 Moon: in Tula Age of Moon: 15.2 Declination of Sun: N 12° 57' Sidereal Time (noon): h. 02-09-13s Equation of time: 1m 55s