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Positional Astronomy Centre, Kolkata
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1 JUNE to 31 AUGUST, 2018 AD

(11 Jyaishtha, 1940 to 09 Bhadra, 1940 Saka Era)




  Muslim Festivals



6 June, 16 Jyaishtha, 1940 Saka Era, Wednesday::           Shahadat-e-Hazrat Ali.

12 June, 22 Jyaishtha, 1940 Saka Era, Tuesday::              Sab-e-Qadr (Preceding Night).

15 June, 25 Jyaishtha, 1940 Saka Era, Friday::                 Jamat-ul-Vida.

16 June, 26 Jyaishtha, 1940 Saka Era, Saturday::             Id-ul-Fitr.

22 August, 31 Sravana, 1940 Saka Era, Wednesday::        Id-uz-Zuha (Bakrid).