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Positional Astronomy Centre, Kolkata
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No. CB-00540(Car Hiring)/III/

Dated: 03.05.2017

Government of India
India Meteorological Department
Positional Astronomy Centre
Block - AQ, Plot - 8
Salt Lake, Sector - V
Mahish Bathan, Kolkata - 700 091


Sealed quotations are invited in two bid system (Technical Bid and Financial Bid separately ) from reputed Tours and Travels Agencies/ Companies located near sector-V, Salt Lake, Kolkata for hiring of  car with commercial registration ( 4 seater excluding driver ) on twice in a week basis but not exceeding 10 days in a month for official use of Positional Astronomy Centre, India Meteorological Dept. located at Block – AQ, Plot-8, sector –V, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091.

Closing date of receipt of quotation is 19th May 2017.

Two bid system: The quotations should be submitted in a sealed cover in two parts as mentioned below:

1.   Technical Bid: Envelope  should be superscripted  ‘ Technical Bid for supply of car” and it should contain all technical details mentioned below;

          a) Copy of PAN Card/ Income Tax Return.

          b) Copy of Service Tax registration Certificate.

          c) Credentials at least for two years (as per Form-I).

                The agency should have at least two years experience of providing cars to Govt./Semi Govt./PSUs satisfactorily, otherwise Bids will not be acceptable.

          d) A declaration that all Terms and conditions mentioned in the quotation invitation are acceptable (as per form-II ).

2.     Financial Bid:  Envelope should be superscripted “Financial Bid for supply of car” containing the rate (as per Form-III only). Any other extra items should not be added in Financial Bid. Incomplete Bid or Bid submitted not as per Form-III will not be accepted.

 The Technical Bid and Financial Bid should be sealed by the agency in seperate covers and both these sealed covers are to be kept in a bigger cover, duly superscripted as "quotation for supply of non-AC car". The cover containing both the Bids, should be addressed and submitted to "The Director, Positional Astronomy Centre, Block-AQ, Plot-8, Sector-V, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091" on or before the closing date of receipt of Quotation.

            The Technical Bid will be opened first. Then the financial Bids of the successful bidders, who have been found technically qualified, will be opened and the date of opening of Financial Bid will be intimated to the agencies before opening.

            Incomplete Bids (Technical/Financial) will not be accepted.

Terms and Conditions:

1)      Car provided should have commercial registration.

2)     Validity of rate contract  will be for a period of one year. However, contract may be   extended further for a period of one year or more at the existing rate & terms and   conditions if performance of the agency is satisfactory.

3)     The car should be equipped with a spare wheel & set of tools. The car should be mechanically perfect in respect of brake system, steering system, suspension system, tyres, horns, headlights, indicators etc.

4)      Driver(s) engaged must possess valid driving license for Public Service/ Commercial vehicles. Drivers should be well trained to meet the emergencies eg. breakdown, accident and other eventualities.

5)      The vehicles should be of latest equivalent models with registrations not earlier than five years from the date of contract. Procurement of fuel, lubricants, spares etc. will be arranged by the agency at its own cost. Repairing, if required and payment of wages to drivers etc. will be agencies responsibility.

6)      The agency will bear all remuneration and facilities of drivers involved.

7)      Employment of drivers in connection with services of the cars is entirely the responsibility of the agency.

8)      Starting point/Reporting point for the purpose of run the car in Km/Hours will be from Positional Astronomy Centre, Kolkata-91.

         However, garage out to starting point i.e. this office & this office to garage in for the running car for the purpose of payment will be considered but not exceeding 15 kms (considering both ways) per occasion.

9)      The agency shall pay the parking charges/ toll taxes (wherever required) and the same will be reimbursed against production of documentary evidences.

10)      Positional Astronomy Centre, Kolkata shall have no responsibility for any damage to the car by destruction or otherwise for any reason whatsoever and shall have no liabilities to pay any compensation to any person including driver of the car being involved in any accident or destruction activities. The agency shall take full responsibility on all such legal matters as per rules.

11)      In case of breakdown of any vehicle during any duty, it should be endeavor of the agency to get it repaired or to arrange alternative vehicle to complete the schedule journey. Failure to comply the above will be treated as failure to provide vehicle on that day.

12)      The agency will submit the bill in triplicate in the first week of following month for payment. No advance payment will be made before commencement of the month.

13)      Positional Astronomy Centre, Sector-V, Salt Lake, Kolkata-91 reserves the right to cancel the contract at any stage without assigning any reason.

  Swarup Kumar Chakraborty


  For Director

 Positional Astronomy Centre, Kolkata-91